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The following images taken from which took it from NASA
In the Vertical compression of the Universe by Suns, Black hole decompresses Earth, Venus, Mercury and star rings around them bellow, decompressing Universe Horizontally, towards Big Bang.
After the photon explosion in the year 2014, Black hole was deattached from the the Suns rings and its 4 main sub rings globally but always magnetizes with its 5thD->4thD->3rdD untrue rings, to the remainings after the explosion. Look at the Black holes

As planets and stars gradually compresses after the explosion, starts to pull back its previously decompressed rings, compressing the Universe Horizontally.
Here is the latest image of those rings in recompression.

(Image: ę Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)
Also image of the Mercury. As Mercury starts to compress its partially re-x-ed rings, shows blue color on its surface, while before it was gray, without colors.

Figure out the recompression, after black hole decompressed Sun's sub rings

Black hole is out of the 5thD untrue rings magnetized to the 4thD untrue rings(or parts) of the current star rings, which compressing 3rdD into 4thD(body) and 4thD(body) into 5thD(soul, in your heart).

In this period of life everyone who compressed it's rings, where 3 photons of true was compressed into one photon of untrue has burned its rings into smaller, untrue rings, partially or complete. All partially burned rings of the collapsed stars accumulates, all togather, into star called "Magnetar", bellow(in space-time) remaining stars. From where it continues to compress it's rings in the recompression, because only with the true photon in your rings you can compress, magnetize true photon rings of the Universum and Universum is created, completly, with the true information in each photon, which logicly connects into photon rings, and photon rings into atoms, mass, that would be 3rdD. 3 rings of 3rdD compresses into one ring of 4thD that would be one station of the flesh, body, and then 3 rings of 4thD compresses into one rings of 5thD, that is one ring of your soul, then with your soul 5thD you magnetize your 4thD around 5thD, and then you were born, and continuing to magnetize to the 3rdD compressing 3rdD into 4thD(your body) and at the same time 4thD into 5thD(your soul), but also you can decompress you 4thD and then arround decompressed and burning 4thD starts to decompress your 5thD. While decompressing 5thD into 4thD at the same time one of your 4thD was burned into 5thD(untrue ring). If complette rings of the star was burned into 5thD, this star, now black hole, will end at the planet called Hell, where all planetary rings which was passed throw the complete black hole would form the planet. Now planet compressing its rings pulling down complete black hole, because all his rings was previously pass throw the black hole, creating a big hole in the planet, all to the center, where out of the huge pressure planet explodes decompressing the black hole rings, but only for a while black hole again compresses because it's untrue rings, without borders of true continually burns into smalller and smaller rings, then Hell again explodes and like that forever. Otherwise, if there is no Hell bellow them, black hole rings will continually collapse into smaller and smaller rings into 6thD and at the end of 6thD they would dissapear, but would take a trillion of years, and you can even imagine that suffering, where its rings merges from 3 photons of untrue in one photon of bigger untrue, where they can eat his own heart thinking that's good, but that was prevented by the Hell, where in the Holy Qur'an was said: "Hell would be shields for them, againest themself", and un-true was dissapearing.
When complete Universe compresses into 5thD, you can't change your rings anymore, because you must decompress 5thD into 4thD and then correctly compress 4thD into 5thD, but everything was already compressed into 5thD, so you can't, and all compresses by the true and justice for all.
Here is the artist picture of Magnetar where all collapsed stars with partially true rings will save or burn his remaining rings of true, and continue to compress Universe with its true, separated in space-time from the rest of the stars.

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