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Black hole and Quasar
There are two types of Black holes. One is Black, Black hole and other extra shine, Quasar black hole. Quasar is out of the converted star rings and Black hole out of the inverted star rings.
Black hole starts when the star spent all of his energy, i.e when 'de x or un x' all of his rings, and then starts to compress three photons of true informations into one photon of not true, in the photon ring. With the remaining photons of true Black hole magnetize other photons rings of true and with the 'un-true' photons magnetize other 'un-true' photons.
That is the magnetizm, complete power of the Universe. True magnetizes to the true and untrue to the untrue.
Now Quasar as collapsed converted star at the top of his photon rings magnetizes to the untrue photons of other stars (still not collapsed) and all togather continually releases all of the energy in the magnetized photon rings, i.e. 'un x' all of the photons in the photon rings. If un x-ed ring fall deeper, towards center of the Quasar, Quasar catapults it out, as Jetts, in Human case, said: "MARSH".
Quasar continually pressuring its photon rings at the center, bottom, until photon rings melts with each other, because there is not x between photons, photons continually melts with each other, and exist until most of his rings was compressed into another dimension, form 2ndD to 3rdD or 3rdD to 4thD of 4thD to 5thD.
In case of the Humans, if the rings was compressed into the 5thD, rings was completly destroyed, where each photon in the each photon ring was un x-ed and untrue, and like that Black hole continualy compresses itself into smaller and smaller photon rings until totaly dissapears, because there is no x between photons and with the untrue you can always melt another untrue photon, i.e. there is no borders of any kind. In fact will not dissapear because Black holes also compresses planetary rings which passes throw its rings and accumulates into the planet like a Hell, which will stop all of the black holes to dissapear, Almighty Allah knows the best.

Another kind of black hole is from the collapsed star of the inverted photon rings, where black hole magnetizes to the untrue and pulls one main photon ring of the star into the center of the Black hole, where it continually un x-ing the the star releasing all of his energy. Holding the star by its main ring black hole pulls another ring of the star and un-x-ing it around the Black hole not inside, from the top of the black hole to the bottom. At the bottom of the black hole star again starts to x-ing its un-x-ed rings, if the photons remains with the true information, otherwise untrue photon rings accumulates in the black hole as sub black hole only when the star collapsses completly.
Most of the stars which you can see in the Universe compressing its rings after the Black hole was un-x-ed its rings around at the bottom of the black hole, and then under the pressure of the black hole above(in space-time) again x-ed, because stars are more x-ed under pressure above. More you pressuring its bigger ring above(in space-time), bellow smaller and smaller rings circulates faster and compresses more around star.

Now this is the pictures of the complete black hole from before. Neutron star is in fact a main star, which compressing its photon rings after rings passes around the black hole. Whatever you see there, the same happens here at Earth, because all this photons rings was direct linked to all humans, planets ans Suns here.

This ball is out of the decompressed photon rings of the stars around pulled by the black hole "D" and accumulated into the ball.
A, B, C, D is the matches to the 3 images captured in diffrent times, to see that all is the same part of Universe, which compresses toward us.

After all compresses more, Neutron star was pulled more towards the ball, inside the ball, from where it compressing its and all sub photon rings of the stars pulled by the black hole, until last rings. When the last rings coming into, around the ball, Neutron star continually trying to compress all of the rings accumulated, twisted in the ball, but because there is no more incoming rings complette ball was pressured towards Neutron star, in other "cassopiea" images you can see this blue pressured energy around ball, which accumulates in the entire ball, untill all explodes.

After the explosion of the ball, i.e captured star photon rings by the black hole, rings was partially destroyed, i.e under the pressure of the black hole "D", photon rings was decreased in size where each 3 photons of true was compressed into one photon of the less true in this case, and under higher compression of the 4th D into 5th D this rings would be destroyed into the un-true.
Now stars around trying to recompress its photon rings, from the remanings after the black hole.
added at March: 16
but this will be difficult, because all of the rings here were highly pressured by the black hole and stars must be strong to pull and recompress those rings or rings would be destroyed because partially untrue rings continually decreases in size, and becomes part of the black hole ones compresses into the next dimension.

Here is the image of the complete Universe. We can see that it is elliptic, but should be circled, and that is because Suns compressing its rings, from Sun to Sun, example: Andromeda compresses at jupiter, Jupiter at our Sun, our Sun at Mars, Mars at Pluto, Pluto at P5? and then goes into 4th D. That is vertical compression of the Universe, while Horizontal compression of the Universe was processed by Stars and 3 planets(or wider planets as galaxies) from each system.
After Universe compresses by one main photon ring(with all sub rings) Verticaly, then should compress one main photon ring Horizontally, but that was not, because Universe is elliptic. That mean that black hole was been in charge by compressing Universe Verticaly and decompresses it Horizontally.

The following Image is from the: What is Stars to understand the next image better.

Black hole rizes up by passing throw the rings of the stars. When at the top continually decompressing star rings which passes around the black hole towards the star, by un x-ing the photon rings, i.e. releasing most of the energy inside the photon rings of the star/s. These un x-ed rings decompressing universe Horizontaly while Vertical compression of the Sun manages to pull his compression towards Sun, because Suns compressing one by one photon rings, while stars and planets three rings into one, from two nearby systems, one before, one current and one after. Will figure this later, Insha'Allah.
When photon rings was un-x-ed becomes wider and then all goes towards the Big Bang, back. In our times black hole was all the time decompressing stars rings (of the humans), and planets, but compressed all of the Sun rings, Vertical compression of the Universe, bellow black hole, where now stars will start recompressing(Insha'Allah) its previously decompressed rings by the black hole, bellow the black hole, stsrting to compress Universe Horizontally. Black hole will not be able to catch this rings because it was already paassed around the black hole bellow them in space-time, which was Vertical compression of the Universe.
All the star and planets rings starts to incoming in our system, as stars, humans, was again x-ed its rings and pulled Horizontal compression of the Universe again, look at the latest news at for a dust rings in the orbit of Venus, Mercury and Earth. When these rings comes at the surface of the Earth, also star rings of the humans will start to recompress its rings. Then you should have much more energy and Earth will again produce fresh, smelly fruits and vegetables as long time before, even better, Insha'Allah.

At the begining of the second part of the star structure, compression of stars as humans was going from the top where are the smallest stars to the bottom where it was the bigest stars of the humans. Gradually smallers stars decompresses its rings i.e. releases to much energy, by enjoying in life too much, then started to release energy of the bigger and bigger stars rings which passes around them down, then bigger stars decompresses its rings and all togehter stars to decompress the rings of the main star. Out of the high compression inside the rings of the main star, main star holds its rings x-ed and forms into the Neutron star, looking from here at 2ndD-3rdD, but at the Earth Main star is the most compressed star on the Earth, which collected and x-ed at least 50% of the sub rings of the star structure, under the pressure of the black hole above in space time.

Now as at least 50% of the stars was compressed bellow the black hole, recompressing star and Mercury, Venus, Earth rings coming at the bottom of the star structure where is the main star, while recompression of the sub rings goes from the main star at the bottom to the up where smaller stars are, and black hole couldn't catch and decompress your rings anymore unsless you do that, and then black hole magnetize your rings up and pull you in, to be part of them.

The same as it was decompressed from up to down before , now in the recompression rings goes from down to up, because Sun rings, Vertical compression was in that position. That is compression of the Angels, one by one photon ring, created out of the light, while humans out of the each 3 rings x-ed in one ring as Earth.(explained above)

What is the Black hole here at Earth. Black hole is ghosts 5thD, magnetizing your 4thD rings around to be alive, here. His time and rings were already passed into 5thD as black hole, out of the un-x-ed and pressured rings, and magnetizes to the un-true rings(4thD) of the humans, or part of the un-true ring.

Here is an image of th Milky way after the explosion above, in our time that happens at August 16-17 2014. That's photon explosion you do not even notice what happen except some unusuall thinking, feelings and else if you could explain to yourself what it is.
In image, white big ring is in fact un-x-ed photon ring of the Milky way by the black hole here at earth and after the explosion Milky way recompresses its ring back. So we can see that Black hole also compresses planetary compression of the Earth, because Earth and stars compressing 3 photon rings into one photon ring of the higher dimension, so Earth compressing one ring from Milky way(Andromeda's sub ring), one ring from our sun sub ring and one ring from pluto system sub ring(of possible Hydra planet) From America you can see that Milky way were almost grounded to the Earth.

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